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Multi-function electric instrument manufacturers

Specialized in manufacturing digital three-phase voltage meter、Current meter

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Multi-function electric instrument category

Dedicated instrument research and development and manufacturing for many years
Mr Penn instrument for many years focused on r&d and manufacture of all kinds of digital display instrument,Programmable intelligent instrument of production,They are widely used in electric power、Coal、Machinery、Metallurgy、The oil、Chemical industry、The traffic、Building、Laboratory equipment and other fields。
With technological innovation to meet customer demand
The company always adhere to the intelligent digital display table, which is the core of the enterprise product research and development,Rely on advanced production equipment and technology innovation has introduced to meet customer demand,The overall high-end products with new digital display table。
Strictly control the manufacturing process
From design to product the factory,Ensure that each link strict control,To provide customers with quality and cheap products,Products using the latest measurement chip technology,Novel appearance,Display effect is clear,Exquisite workmanship。Company implement total quality tracking record,Product quality is reliable,Traceability is strong。
Provide one-stop service
Have professional pre-sales、After-sale technical support team,Considerate service,Regularly review the usage of customer,For you to solve all problems。To perfect thoughtful services to enhance value,Strive to become the most trusted supplier customers。

Three-phase voltage meter ammeter display manufacturers

Yueqing aubin instrument co., LTD is a professional engaged in intelligent digital display table products research and development、Sales and production of high-tech enterprises,After many years of hard work,The company has become“The Chinese electrical appliances”Located at liushi district digital display table industry well-known enterprises,Dedicated to the programmable digital display ammeter、Digital voltmeter、Digital display frequency table、Digital display power factor meter、Digital power meter、Multi-functional meter and other products production and sales,To provide high quality and low price、Stable and reliable products。
The company produces programmable intelligent instrument,Widely used in electric power、Coal、Machinery、Metallurgy、The oil、Chemical industry、The traffic、Building、Laboratory equipment and other fields。
The company has more than engaged in research and development of digital readout technology backbone for many years,The metering chip technology,The development of new appearance,Matt frosted surface box,The dark brown glass panel,Rubber buttons feel good,Display effect is clear,Exquisite workmanship,The overall high-end products with new digital display table,Performance improvement50%,Price drop30%-50%,Enable customers to enjoy high quality products with lowest price。
The company has independent intellectual property rights,Has its own brand and sales network,Can provide for different customersOEM(OEM)。Can also provide digital display table technology and information(Including schematic diagram、Circuit diagram、Program files、Shell, etc),Provide technical guidance....【To check the details】

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